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We love what we do

The genesis of the Mama Lupe Tea Company sprouted from the cherished memories of my maternal grandmother, Mama Lupe, who utilized medicinal plants from our hometown, Salcedo, Hermanas Mirabal, Dominican Republic, to bring healing to those around her.

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Immersed in the customs of Dominican women and the wisdom of Mama Lupe, I developed an awareness of the soothing and  healing potential  of native plants. I came to understand that as humans evolved from grazers to farmers we have chosen to grow fruits and vegetables that were either easy to farm or sweet tasting. As such we lost a lot of the most nutritious content (phytonutrients) in our foods. To optimize nutritious content and soothing/healing potential  I selected specific herbs that not only provide a flavorful experience but protect against oxidative stress. Continually seeking knowledge, I explore plant ingredients globally, ensuring each tea bag encapsulates the highest healing potential nature offers.

I selected herbs and plants with optimal phytonutrient potential, while combining elixirs to make the most flavorful experience.. Five years ago, I founded the Mama Lupe Tea Company in Connecticut, successfully distributing tea to locally to small shops. Encouraged by this success, I expanded the brand, opening our first tea house in Salcedo, Mama Lupe's birthplace, aiming to cultivate a new tea-drinking experience in my native home.


Belkis Camilo, Founder



Mama Lupe Tea uses only whole organic herbs and ingredients, blending unique aromatic flavors that reduce stress and enhance well-being. Rooted in Dominican Republic culture and traditions, Mama Lupe Tea Boutique LLC was created. Unlike any other tea company, our founder, a herbalist and tea blender, crafts each tea withcare and unique recipes.


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Our Mission

To offer a unique and comforting tea experience, sharing the best tea varieties cultivated with care and the benefits of phytonutrients. We aim to provide moments of calm, well-being, and healing while fostering tea culture globally while maintaining high-quality standards throughout our process.

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Our Vision

To become the leading  tea brand, known for product excellence and passion. We aspire to be a benchmark for tea lovers, emphasizing sustainability, healing and environmental responsibility. Seeking to inspire our community, we educate about tea, its benefits, and history, striving to be the preferred choice for those seeking an exceptional tea experience.